Everything But the Turkey, Part Two

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Everything But the Turkey, Part Two

Last week, as part of the first installment for our Thanksgiving-themed blog series, we focused on tables. This week we’re branching out even further…to tablescapes! Creating tablescapes is a rather nuanced artform (there are whole judged competitions!) and can be as formal and persnickety as you want it to be. Because we’re some quirky turkeys here at Kudzu, we’d like to think of it as just a fun way to compile and emphasize your sense of decor–and, in our case, humor. Tablescapes can be built around a central theme, say a certain style or era; or around a functional piece, like serving ware or a lighting implement; or even just a unique centerpiece. The point is, if there’s any time to dress up your table, Thanksgiving is that time. It’s like prom for your table. Below are some lively tablescapes the stylists here at Kudzu created, just as a way to illustrate where you can take this project and how much fun it can be. Next week, we move off the table (sort of). Stay tuned!











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