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Mother’s Day: The Kudzu Way!

Mother's Day is fast approaching (Sunday, May 8) and it's time to find something special to show her how much you care. Come explore Kudzu to see what treasure you may find! From fun new gifts to unique vintage items, we have you covered! If you like to go the old fashioned way and love giving [...]

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Earth Day/Spring Sale At Kudzu

We're having a Spring Sale at Kudzu in honor of Earth Day. REDUCE, REUSE, GO VINTAGE! Our sale starts Saturday, April 16 and continues through Sunday, April 24. Search for wonderful pottery, yard art, vintage items, whimsical gifts and decor to SPRUCE UP YOUR SPRING! In addition to select sales in our dealers booths, you'll [...]

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Spring Has Sprung! Yard Art Is Here At Kudzu!

Spring has officially sprung, folks! This is what we do best as Atlantans! Warmer temps, wonderful greenery, clear skies, and bright colors blooming all throughout town. And now that the worst of pollen is behind us (hopefully), the conditions are perfect to get to sprucing up your yard or garden! Want to add some unique [...]

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