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JUST IN–Huge Shipment of Planters/Pots!!

Get potted at Kudzu! We just got a special delivery of beautiful planters and pottery. We offer the best prices in Atlanta--wholesale to the public!! Don’t miss out on this amazing deal. We have many shapes, sizes, and colors. You are sure to find the perfect piece to match your unique style. Create your very [...]

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Vintage Jewelry: Making a Comeback

Vintage jewelry, much like vintage clothing, also never goes out of style. In a world filled with repurposing and recycling, it seems that vintage jewelry has been making a comeback. Replicas of beautifully crafted and ornate pieces are found everywhere. However, if you want to find some authentic and unique vintage pieces, go no further [...]

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World Fair Trade Day – May 12, 2012

Kudzu is extremely proud to be part of World Fair Trade Day this year. Not only are we participating in the event, but we also make it a year-round effort to support the needs of individuals in underprivileged areas by helping them sell whatever items they can make. Kudzu proudly sells items associated with Ten [...]

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